Cello Style Bags – Polypropylene Gusseted and Flat

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Why Us?

Firstly, high-quality food-grade made in the USA Cello Style Bags offer superior durability, stiffness, and feel that you can trust to store and package your products.  It also has a moisture barrier for a longer shelf life.  Don’t settle for cheap and thin imports that tear more easily, which can risk spoiling and damage to your inventory and profits.

Secondly, you can trust our Cello Bags to protect and beautifully showcase your items.  We offer a large selection of gusseted and flat bags, so you can be sure to choose the right size for your requirements.  Small bags are perfect for single servings and smaller portions.  Larger bags are optimal for bulk items such as spices, teas, and sea salts.  Gusseted bags expand at the sides to easily and securely accommodate larger items like nuts and candy, baked goods, soaps, and trinkets.  Flat bags are great for jewelry, beads, cards, photos and paper goods, in addition to dried herbs and sachets.


There are a variety of stock sizes to meet a wide spectrum of your all of your packaging needs. Also, we can manufacture custom sizes to meet all of your individualized requirements.  Stock bag style orders may be combined to reach next bracket pricing.  Stock bags that can be combined for quantity pricing are Cello Style Polypropylene  Gusseted and Flat Bags, Self Standing Cello-Style Bags, Plain Bottom (PB) and Hard Bottom (HB) with Insert, Popcorn Bags (EZ-Peel) and Stand-Up Zipper Pouches and Biodegradable Clear Real Cellophane Bags.

Custom bags such as CelloPlus-T cannot be combined with stock bags for next bracket pricing.  Instead, we would run these in custom sizes and quantities.

There is a $200 minimum per billable order.  A $60 small order fee will be charged if applicable.  Listed prices are subject to change with current material costs, and industry conditions.  All of our products are FOB from the manufacturing plant.

The Cello Style Bags from NJF Packaging are made in the U.S.A.Made in USA from FDA approved materials.

Saran coated stand up zipper pouches for candy, tea, spices and more

Cello Style Bags – Flat Foldover Bottom Polypropylene (Coated BOPP), 1000/case

DescriptionItem #WidthGussetLength5M
Coffee SpoonFC-0081.754$29.19/M$27.42/M$25.86/M$24.13/M1 mil
LollipopFC-0092.54.25$30.00/M$28.18/M$26.57/M$24.80/M1 mil
Portion PackFC-00235$32.74/M$30.76/M$29.00/M$24.53/M1 mil
Bite SizeFC-00134$31.77/M$29.85/M$28.14/M$26.27/M1 mil
PeanutFC-00335.5$35.65/M$33.48/M$31.57/M$29.47/M1 mil
1/4# FlatFC-0043.756.5$39.52/M$37.12/M$35.00/M$32.67/M1 mil
1/2# FlatFC-0054.756.75$47.42/M$45.54/M$42.43/M$39.20/M1 mil
Sm PretzelFC-010210$47.42/M$44.54/M$42.43/M$39.20/M1 mil
1# FlatFC-0065.757.75$55.81/M$52.42/M$49.43/M$46.13/M1 mil
Med PretzelFC-011311$60.48/M$56.82/M$53.57/M$50.00/M1.5 mil
Lrg PretzelFC-012411$67.74/M$63.64/M$60.00/M$56.00/M1.5 mil
2# FlatFC-0076.759$70.32/M$66.06/M$62.29/M$58.13/M1 mil

Cello Style Bags – Side Gusset Foldover Bottom Polypropylene (Coated BPP), 1,000/case

Saran coated Cello Style Bags with stand up zipper pouches for candy, tea, spices and more.

DescriptionItem #WidthGussetLength5M Combined10M Combined25M Combined50M CombinedGauge
1/4# SquareSGC-0012.516$45.16/M$42.42/M$40.00/M$37.33/M1 mil
1/2# SquareSGC-00231.756.75$52.58/M$49.39/M$46.57/M$43.47/M1 mil
1# SquareSGC-0033.52.258.25$68.64/M$63.94/M$60.29/M$56.27/M1 mil
2# SquareSGC-00442.759$77.10/M$72.42/M$68.29/M$63.73/M1 mil
3# SquareSGC-00542.7510.75$83.55/M$78.48/M$74.00/M$69.07/M1 mil
3# HdSGC-0064.52.2511$121.94/M$114.55/M$108.00/M$100.80/M1.5 mil
4# HdSGC-0075.52.2513$147.26/M$138.33/M$130.43/M$121.73/M1.5 mil
5# HdSGC-00862.2513$153.39/M$144.09/M$135.86/M$126.80/M1.5 mil
6# HdSGC-00953.2514$160.97/M$151.21/M$142.57/M$133.07/M1.5 mil

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