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Magnetic Gift Boxes

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Gloss Magnetic Collapsible Jewelry Boxes

EZA1001Gloss black, White3 5/8"X3 1/2"X1 1/23.10ea100
EZA1002Gloss black, White5 1/2"X 5 1/2 "X1 3/4"3.80ea100
EZA1539Gloss black, white2 5/8" x2"x1 3/16"3.15ea100
EZA1541Gloss black, white4 1/8"x4"x2"3.50ea100
EZA1542Gloss black, white8"x2"x1 1/44.05ea100
EZA1543Gloss black, white5 1/2"x7"x2"4.25ea100

Gloss Magnetic Collapsible Boxes

EZA1003Gloss black, White9 1/2"X9 1/4"X1 3/4"6.35ea50
EZA1008Gloss black, White14 3/8"X10 3/4"X3 1/8"9.75ea20
EZA1009Gloss black, White16"X12"X8"16.30ea10
EZA1231Gloss black, White,red8"x8"x3 1/8"5.95ea50
EZA1233Gloss black, White,red10"x10"x4 1/2"7.10ea30
EZA1239Gloss black, White,red6"x6"x2 3/4"4.65ea80
EZA1240Gloss black, White13"x6 1/2"x4 1/4"8.10ea20
EZA1241Gloss black, White13"x10 3/4"x5 1/2"9.95ea20

Gloss Magnetic Collapsible 1 Bottle And 2 Bottle Wine Boxes

EZA1111Gloss black, White, red13 1/2"X3 1/2"X3 1/2"6.15ea40
EZA1112Gloss black, White & insert13 1/2"X7"X3 1/2"8.65ea20
EZA1112 InsertFor EZA111213 1/2"x10"insert for EZA111220

Gloss Attache Storage With Handles Magnetic Collapsible Boxes

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA3125gloss white12 1/4"x10 1/4"x2 1/2"10.85ea20
EZA3135gloss white12 1/4"x10 1/4"x3 1/2"12.15ea20
EZA3145gloss white12 1/4"x10 1/4"x4 1/2"13.60ea10

Leatherette Magnetic Collapsible Boxes With Curved Closure

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA1824leatherette navy6"X6"X2 3/4"6.50ea100
EZA1825leatherette navy13"x6 1/2"x4 1/4"9.60ea20
EZA1826leatherette navy14 3/8"x10 3/4"x3 1/8"10.70ea20

Leatherette Magnetic Collapsible Boxes

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA1581leatherette black,white6"X6"X2 3/4"5.20ea80
EZA1582leatherette black,white8"x8"x3"6.60ea50
EZA1583leatherette black,white10"x10"x4"7.90ea30

Kraft Magnetic Collapsible Boxes

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA1681kraft6"X6"X2 3/4"5.20ea80

Matte Finish Magnetic Collapsible Boxes In Black, White, Navy, Red, Silver

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA2006matte black,white, navy, red, silver6"X6"X2 3/4"5.50ea80
EZA2008matte black,white, navy, red, silver8"x8"x3 1/8"6.85ea50
EZA2010matte black,white, navy, red, silver10"x10"x4 1/2"8.50ea30

Matte Finish Magnetic Collapsible Boxes In Black ,White

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA2009Matte black, white9 3/4"x7"x36.40ea50
EZA2012Matte black, white12"X12"X4 1/2"9.75ea20
EZA2015Matte black, white15"x12"x3 1/4"10.35ea20
EZA2112Matte black13 1/2x7"x3 1/2"10.00ea20
EZA2241Matte black13"x10 3/4"x5 1/2"11.45ea20

Matte Finish Magnetic Collapsible Boxes With Ribbon

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZR4006Matte black, white, navy, red, silver6"X6"X2 3/4"5.70ea80
EZR4008Matte black, white, navy, red, silver8"X8"X3 1/8"7.20ea50
EZR4010Matte black, white, navy, red, silver10"X10"X4 1/2"8.90ea30

Matte Designer Luxury Vogue Magnetic Collapsible Mega Boxes

Item NoColorsInner DimensionPriceItemCs Pack
EZA7008Matte white8"X11.8"X4.5"9.70ea12
EZA7009Matte white9.45"X9.45"X4.7"7.45ea12
EZA7011Matte white10.6"X14"X5.5"8.55ea8
EZA7013Matte white13.4"X9.8"X4.7"9.10ea12
EZA7014Matte white14"X15"X6.7"13.45ea8
EZA7015Matte white15"X12"X7.2"11.70ea8
EZA7017Matte white17.3"X14.2"X6.3"14.45ea10
EZA7018Matte white18"X12"X5 3/4"19.05ea10
EZA7021Matte white22"X15.8"X5.1"22.35ea4
EZA7022Matte white22"X16"X6 1/4"28.10ea5
EZA7110Matte white10"X6.7"X2.8"6.40ea10
EZA7111Matte white11.4"X7.5"X2"5.85ea12
EZA7113Matte white13.8"X11.4"X2.8"10.00ea6
EZA7114Matte white14"X13.4"X3.15"9.35ea10
EZA7118Matte white17.7"X13.4"X2.8"10.30ea8
EZA7119Matte white18.5"X17"X3.15"10.95ea8

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