Self Standing Bags – Cello-Style, Plain Bottom and Hard Bottom w/ Insert

Self Standing Bags – Cello-Style, Plain Bottom and Hard Bottom w/ Insert 2019-02-08T17:51:31+00:00

Self Standing Bags

Priced per 1,000. Bags are sold minimum per case size.

The base of these plain bottom (PB) self standing bags will square off and stand when filled with product. These are great for trinkets, potpourri, spices, soaps, candies, cookies, and more. These bags have a moisture barrier which provide a longer shelf life for edible products. Don’t stand for cheap imports that won’t last as long or keep your product fresh.

All bag styles that are stock bags may be combined to reach next bracket pricing. Stock bags that can be combined are:
Self Standing Cello-Style Bags, Plain Bottom (PB) and Hard Bottom (HB) w/ Insert,
Cello Style Gusseted and Flat Bags,
Popcorn Bags (EZ-Peel),
and Stand-Up Zipper Pouches and Biodegradable Clear Real Cellophane Bags.
Custom bags can’t be combined with stock bags for next bracket pricing.

Minimum $200 per billable order. $60 small order fee, if applicable. All of our products are FOB from the domestic manufacturing plant. Pricing is subject to change with industry conditions.

These stand up bags are made in the U.S.A.Made in USA from FDA approved materials.

Stand up bags from NJF Packaging are great for tea, spices, candy, and more.

Premium Cello-Style Self Standing Bags – Manufactured with Plain Bottom (PB) or Hard Bottom (HB) with Insert

DescriptionItem #WidthGussetLength5M
1/2#Clear Plain BottomDS-001-P21.7510$158.39/M$148.79/M$140.29/M$130.93/M2 mil
1#Clear Plain BottomDS-002-P2.75211.5$202.26/M$190.00/M$179.14/M$167.20/M2 mil
2#Clear Plain BottomDS-003-P3.52.2512.25$244.35/M$229.55/M$216.43/M$202.00/M2 mil
3# Clear Plain BottomDS-004-P42.513.25$286.61/M$269.24/M$253.86/M$236.93/M2 mil
1/2# Clear H/BDS-001-H21.7510$315.00/M$295.91/M$279.00/M$260.40/M2 mil
1# Clear H/BDS-002-H2.75211.5$359.68/M$337.88/M$318.57/M$297.33/M2 mil
2# Clear H/BDS-003-H3.52.2512.25$404.52/M$380.00/M$358.29/M$334.40/M2 mil
3# Clear H/BDS-004-H42.513.25$465.32/M$437.12/M$412.14/M$384.67/M2 mil

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