Reinforced CelloPlus-T Bags

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Reinforced, Extra Strength CelloPlus-T Bags (Custom Made Only)

Since these bags have a material composition and seal similar to a potato chip bag, they are less likely to tear when opening. The reinforced CelloPlus-T clear, extra strength, food grade bags have more of a moisture barrier than polypropylene bags to keep the contents of your products protected and give them a longer shelf life. You will find them to be stronger than a polypropylene bag and a cellophane bag.

These clear, heat sealable bags are commonly used for dried foods that you’d like to keep fresh, such as cookies, candies, chips, nuts, seeds, trail mix, coffee grounds, and more. The interior and exterior of the bags are receptive to double sided tape and ink so the products can be marked or labeled.

Ideal for squaring off the bottoms of bags due to the materials’ rigidity and resistant to oils and greases.

CelloPlus-T bags are manufactured in custom sizes of flat or gusseted style bags. CelloPlus-T bags all have to be custom quoted and are priced per 1,000. Each individual case must contain a single size bag. Please call for quote and minimum order.

Made in USA from FDA approved materials.

ItemSizeBags Packed in BulkBags/Case
H-14.75" x 7"BULK3M to 5M
H-24.75" x 9"BULK3M to 5M
H-33" x 1.75" x 8.25"BULK3M to 5M
H-43.5" x 2.25" x 9.75"BULK3M to 5M

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